Bridging communities through local arts and education.
We exist to serve the city of San Francisco, where its diversity of art and culture makes it unique and must be showcased and

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Every situation is unique and nuanced. To be effective, we want to first listen and learn, adapt our
strategies, and be innovative while maintaining respect for tradition. PROJECT LOCAL’s ever-growing community and action-
oriented programming engages next-generation creators, leaders, and organizations to connect, collaborate, and ultimately act
on the most important issues local to San Francisco.


“PROJECT LOCAL is a community that provides opportunities
for ambitious youth as well as adults. The community is an all encompassing hub for innovation.” - Liam B.

“PROJECT LOCAL connects artists and community organizations together in a much-needed creative space. With the disconnection and rumble that the pandemic created in our society, Project Local is such a critical and inclusive platform for people to create and come together. Thank you for all you do to make our community a better place for everyone involved!” - Rachel C.

“The mentoring opportunities I have been connected with through PROJECT LOCAL have been extremely rewarding experiences. Mentoring the next generation of mechanical engineers has allowed me to develop & grow an entirely different skill set that I use in my day-to-day work. Seeing & hearing the excitement emanating from these kids is a rewarding and invaluable experience.” - Eli K.

“We organized a tie-dye workshop with Liam and Justin for a group of 20 friends. This included children as well. Everyone had a great time and Liam is a wonderful instructor. I highly recommend the experience.” - Deepak P.


All donations are appreciated. 

Project Local is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Your tax deductible donations support local youth, neighborhoods, and organizations, all striving to build just and sustainable communities.

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